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Paper details:Sample student annotated bibliography in MLA Style.
1-Please include your topic and research question at the top of the page.
2-Include a one-paragraph introduction to the topic.This is not an introduction to your essay, but an introduction to your topic and focus.
3-Title the page Works Cited.
4-Search for and find authoritative and relevant sources on a focused topic. Sources should provide evidence to support your argument. Sources should reflect Humanities scholarship.
5-Sources should be varied and, when appropriate, include both book and periodical source.
6-No more than one source should be from a Web site. Verify authority of Internet site in your description of source.
7-No more than one source should be a reference work such as Credo or Britannica.
8-Databases for Humanities include JSTOR, Literature Resource Center, Academic Search Premier, ATLA Religion, Films on Demand, and others.
-9Include, when appropriate, a primary (creative) source: film, artwork, music, architectural structure, literature, dance, costume, speech, photograph, ritual, sacred text, etc.
10-Include sources that offer in-depth criticism, commentary, reviews, interpretations, and analyses of your topic and your primary (creative) source.

Focus on 5-7 authoritative and varied sources relevant to your topic for the annotated bibliography. More sources are preferable at this stage of your research.
Cite the sources using the most recent MLA documentation style:
-Annotations should be one well-developed paragraph. Here are suggestions for content. Note that these are merely suggestions and not a checklist:

Questions of Reliability:
• What can you establish about the credibility of source author?
• Is the source scholarly/peer-reviewed?
• What is your source claiming (ie. thesis statement)?
• What evidence or information or data does the source present to back its claim? Does it present facts or opinion/anecdotal evidence? What kind of social science evidence is given?

Questions of Content:
• Is the source’s claim both timely and relevant to your research question?
• How does this source help answer your research question?
• Is there evidence of bias in the source? Note that “bias” is not necessarily a bad thing; just be aware of it.
• Does it cite references and are they credible?
Should this source be used in your paper? Why or why not?

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