Abraham Lincoln

Write an 8-10 page interpretive paper on one of the topics below. The essays are meant to be your interpretation of the material we read in our book, and there is no need to consult outside sources. Should you choose to consult outside sources, however, those sources must be accurately cited both in a bibliography and in in-text citations, according to the American Psychological Association’s Manual of Style (APA). This includes material found on the web. If secondary sources are consulted, it is highly recommended that they be scholarly sources, such as academic books and peer-reviewed journal articles, and at the very minimum reputable sources on the web. Remember the class policy on plagiarism, as outlined on the syllabus.
It is a good idea however, to support your argument with references to the texts we read, so that you are grounded in the material.
5)    Analyze Lincoln’s moral and political convictions. Why do you think he often invoked the Declaration of Independence in his speeches and writings? What was his position on slavery? How does his becoming president change his message, if at all?


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