Accounting Jobs

• Research the current employment outlook for accountants.
• Then, from the list of possible jobs in the accounting profession provided below, select ONE and find out all you can about it. (CPA stands for Certified Public Accountant.)

1. CPA–Tax Specialist
2. CPA– Financial Statement Auditor
3. CPA– Generalist
4. Controller
5. Chief Financial Officer
6. Financial Planner
7. IRS Auditor
8. Forensic Accountant

This is the “feel” of the paper: “Write a paper that discusses what you learned, both about the employment outlook overall for accountants, and about the details of the specific job you chose.”

Include duties, education requirements, earning potential, conducive personality traits, and what components of the job create value to a company or customers.

Paper should be at least 1,000 words; not more than 1,500 words; include at least 3 authoritative sources that are referenced within the document and listed on a separate page at the end of the paper; have a cover sheet containing a title for the paper and your name; use font sizes of 11 or 12; and be double-spaced. It should be completed in a Microsoft Word file

A portion of the grade will come from your ability to clearly signpost which step/element you are addressing. This signposting makes it easier to discern what you are addressing. This is best accomplished by using headings in your paper.

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