Accrual Basis of Accounting

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identify at least two examples of how your household uses the accrual basis of accounting. Second, identify them as a deferral or an accrual. Third, if you were to have financial statements for your personal life (household) – how are these two examples impacting the statements? You do not have to state dollar amounts if you do not want to – seeing this is your personal information.

I look for several specific attributes in a post. The comment must be accurate, relevant, original, teach us something, and be well written. The subject must be a complete sentence which summarizes the main point of the comment. I also look for documentation when appropriate, web citations with functioning links, and personal experiences when appropriate. Copy/pasted content is disregarded, as is content substantially paraphrased. I also consider the flow of the discussion thread, to see if the post is a reasonable response and is properly contexed. To the extent that a post is missing some of these attributes, it will likely impact your grade. And, even when all of this is factored in, my ratings are still subjective. If I like it, I will probably rate it higher than if I don’t. Probably the most important factor is whether or not I think the readers of the post will learn from it.

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