Action learning

Action learning

Action learning is the idea or philosophy that underpins this whole programme, and you have already begun to learn how to practice it in your Learning Set. Action learning is inherently critical because it involves the problematising of situations that may have been taken for granted but can become ‘problems,’ i.e., issues that require action for improvement and vehicles for study and learning. The process of action learning involves questioning and challenging yourself and your colleagues in the Learning Set and also questioning assumptions and practices outside the set. In the organisational world and beyond, questioning that concerns problems and difficult issues already involves some level of critique and critical thinking. Consider the implications of action learning for your practice and its potential contribution to your learning as a leader, as you complete this week’s activities.
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Learning objectives for Week 7
On completion of this week, students will be able to:
Apply the key ideas of action learning
Assess the importance of questions in an action Learning Set or team
Evaluate theories of leadership learning

This assignment consist of 3 tasks :-
1- PROBLEMATISING WRITE-UP (750-850) word counts
2- Learning set week 7 (750-850 word counts)
3- Learning set responses (for later to be explained)

please make each task in separate file and separate references list and introduction and conclusion as each will be uploaded separately in the assignment .

please know that this is week 7 of the doctoral practitioner , therefore i will upload the media file to which you need to write your problematic write up as it is accumulative process from
week4-week5-week6 until week 7


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