You have been hired as the City Manager in an urban city. One of the communities in your city is comprised of U.S. citizens of Middle Eastern descent. This community is experiencing increased crime, particularly in the form of vandalism of businesses. Many of these businesses have had cultural slanders written on their walls. Citizens from this community also have reported to your office that when they shop in businesses not in their own community, they are treated disrespectfully and are not helped by the business’s employees.
Youth from this community are reporting that they are being harassed by other students in school because they are of Middle Eastern descent. Additionally, this community has requested that a youth center be created in their community. The YWCA and Boys and Girls Clubs have declined to be involved in creating a youth center in this community.
The citizens of this community feel that they are not being treated fairly. This community is demanding that your office address their problems and concerns.
You must create an action plan detailing the steps you would take to address this community’s problems and concerns, and increase community relations. You must detail the strategies you would employ to develop strong community partnerships and include any ethical or legal considerations in responding to this situation. Include what resources you would utilize in your action plan.

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