Active Reading Demonstration

Paper details:

To do this assignment, you can pick any of the following stories,

– The disappeared

– An Adventure in Paris

– The Chrysanthemums

– The Fall of the House of Usher

– We Didn’t

First page will be the part that says, “Copy the paragraph by hand onto a sheet of loose leaf paper.”

Another 2 pages will be, “Write a two-page discussion of this paragraph.”

For the work cited, I need you to cited the book that will be attached, so you’ll see the picture of the book.

After you pick the story and finish writing, please tell me which story you chose, so I can give you the page number for the citation.

Short Paper 2: Active Reading Demonstration

*** You can take your time on this assignment up to 15 hours.

Length: No more than 2 pages double-spaced in Times New Roman, 12 plus a Works Cited page. Paper must adhere to MLA citation and style conventions.

Objectives: To demonstrate an ability to highlight and annotate a given section. To select an important passage in a given short story. To analyze the construction of a given paragraph and present those conclusions to the reader.

Introduction: One of the main goals of this course is to become a critical, active reader. In order to get to this destination, it’s important to engage with the assigned readings and offer substantial insights about them. This assignment will challenge you to investigate a portion of the text and discuss the choices made by the author.

Task: Choose a story that we have read relating to either “The Physical World” or “Ways of Telling” on the course schedule. Reread the story and pick a paragraph (about 150 words or so) that you feel is one of the most significant in the story. Then, complete the following tasks:

• Copy the paragraph by hand onto a sheet of loose leaf paper. This should be in your own handwriting, and NOT typed. You can single or double space this depending on your preference. Then, in another color of ink or pencil, highlight and annotate the selection. Record your thoughts and questions on the sentences. Use highlighting (underlines, circles, stars, arrows, etc.) to help you identify important words and phrases and make connections. Cite the page number at the end and attach this to the front of your assignment.

• Write a two-page discussion of this paragraph. Imagine you are explaining the significance of this paragraph to a new reader. What would you tell him or her? What insights can you offer to help him or her understand it on a new level? The important thing here is not to spend much time summarizing the passage (maybe two or three sentences maximum). You are trying to analyze the passage and discuss its significance, not just what is going on.

Outside Sources: There is no need to consult any outside resources, and in fact, that is discouraged. I am most interested in your own thinking throughout this semester. That said, you will need to cite all quotes taken from the stories. The Purdue OWL is a great resource for citation and documentation strategies that adhere to MLA style. As always, any student found to plagiarize on this or any assignment will receive a grade of ZERO.

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