I have an essay outline that has been done, based off of that i would like the get an essay written. This essay will be approximately 2,000 words in length. Essays is to be written in formal academic style, double-spaced, must be fully referenced and should include a title page featuring an original title. All references must be completed using the APA (parenthetical) referencing format and bibliographies must be constructed using the APA referencing format. The essay also must include at least five additional scholarly sources. The essay should be analytical (not just descriptive) and should develop an original thesis aimed at resolving the topic question.

This essay will be submitted on turnitin.com so i can not have an issue on plagiarism. I would like to have this essay done my Monday Nov 13 2017.
I uploaded the file which includes the essay outline, the rubric and also additional essay outline structure examples which were provided but needs to be in an essay with APA work-cited

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