Advantages/Disadvantages of a Partnership Form of Business

Now, on the Internet, do a search for “What are the advantages and disadvantages of a Partnership form of business”. One good article can be found at: In your paper this week, discuss the following 3 questions: 1) Three advantages of a Partnership 2) Three disadvantages of a Partnership 3) You and your best friend are going to start a business selling T-shirts. Would you use a limited partnership or general partnership? What should you do to make sure the partnership does not fall apart? What You Will Turn In: A written APA formatted paper of at least 500 words with at least two references and citations. Assignment Expectations Answer the questions using paragraph form Combined, answers should be at least 500 words Use a combination of your own ideas and content from the text keeping in mind the 80/20 rule APA format At least two references and citations

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