African American Politics

The topic of your term paper will be based on a pre-selected topic outlined below.  The topic is based on an issue that is relevant to contemporary African American politics.  Your paper should demonstrate that you have some familiarity with your issue and that you can critically analyze the various sides of the issue.  Your paper is not designed merely to summarize someone else’s ideas.  What I expect you to do is to explore and critique the relevant arguments and reach a conclusion as to which one is most persuasive.  In order to craft a persuasive argument you must not only present evidence supportive of your position, but you must also address the strongest evidence presented by the other side(s).  If you simply ignore the arguments of the other side I assume you are not able to refute their case.  Consequently your argument appears that  much weaker.  All writing assignments are to be completed in MLA.  All papers require proper citation. All sources must be cited; not citing sources will result in a grade penalty.  The complete lack of citation will result in a zero grade for the assignment.  A minimum of 10 sources is required.  The paper should be a minimum of seven pages (body of the paper) The paper is due by 11/13/17 Midnight

Race and Representation:  Although Blacks have made tremendous gains since the 1960s in terms of the number of elected office holders (at the local, state, and national level), they continue to fall short of proportional representation. Some argue that the best way to address this problem is to draw political jurisdictions such that African Americans make up a numerical majority thereby ensuring the election of more black politicians.  Clearly, this is a controversial strategy and the courts have been hesitant to approve it.  Is this the best strategy to pursue?  What are the relevant arguments on this question?  Does maximizing the number of black office holder necessarily benefit black Americans?  Why or why not?

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