Aircraft accident analysis
Project instructions:

Statement of question. Aircraft accidents are among the most fatal form of accidents in the world, often killing all of the passengers on board. How often do engine failures account for aircraft accidents and can a pilot overcome the potentially fatal outcome?

Program Outcome 8. Aeronautical Science: The student will demonstrate an understanding and application of the basic and thus advanced concepts of aeronautical science as they apply to the aviation/aerospace industry for solving problems. (Anderson, 2013)

The Aeronautical Science Program Outcome (PO) the student will be able to demonstrate an understanding of how human error and unforeseen events can bring an aircraft down with catastrophic results by researching an article from the ERAU Hunt Library entitled Human Error The Most Likely Cause of Accident Despite Engine Failure (Chris & Nico, 2008), The student will gain knowledge and recognize a mechanical malfunction versus a human error while using piloting skills, possibly bringing the aircraft safely back to the runway.
Program Outcome 10. Aviation Safety: The student will compare and discuss in written and spoken formats an understanding and application of basic concepts in aviation safety as they pertain to the aviation/aerospace industry. (Anderson, 2013)

The student will gain an understanding of Aviation Safety through researching a document from the ERAU Hunt Library entitled Real-World Engine Failures (Lee, 2002), recognizing the dangers in weather patterns and visual discrepancies before a mishap occurs.

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