Please print out attached documents read the instructions and questions for the reflection synthesis this is part 2 of the exam. I have attached part one you will need this to understand what was required to judge the essay and see if I have done & met the requirements. On the page titled English 3 Final exam. There are 3 questions to be answered in paragraph format. The essay paper is attached please read the paper you will need this to answer the questions to the page titled English 3 final exam to do the reflecting. You will need to use the attached rubric as well to complete the assignment per the instructions. Please read the attached files. If you have questions or can’t view it please shoot me an email. 1. Review content and instructions 2. Review the essay3. Read and answer questions from English 3 Final Exam document 4. Use both pages the rubric to write and answer questions based off the essay enclosed. (Your are grading the paper Itself over all by reflecting I would assume of what I should have done and will do to improve. Your writing about basically self improvement based upon the rubric.) I have never done this before. 3 paragraphs total.

Disregard markings on the master Rubric that is old so dont focus n that. i will send more files to attach there is no place for he to upload files here when you edit.

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