American Film History

America Film History, 1930-60
Paper should be 5 pages–typed, double-spaced, with attention to grammar, punctuation, spelling, and structure. Leave room in the margins for our comments.
Any paper that uses `it’s’’ for the possessive will receive a grade of F.
The “I” is inappropriate in a critical essay of this kind.
When you quote secondary sources, make sure to include footnotes and bibliography.
Whenever a natural pause occurs in a sentence, use the comma; however, the colon and semi-colon can be used only when the following phrase has its own subject and verb. Otherwise, use the double dash–as in this example–to set off a phrase in the middle of a sentence.
Leo Braudy discusses how the off-screen persona of an actor affects perception of on-screen character. Choose at least two of the following, and explore how the image of the star heightens or interferes with the character s/he is playing: Marilyn Monroe (“Some Like It Hot”), Marlon Brando (“On the Waterfront”), Gene Kelly (“Singin’ in the Rain”)


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