American Government-Institutions of Government


American Government-Institutions of Government

Although the founders anticipated that Congress would be the central branch of the federal government, most 20th Century presidents came to dominate Congress in a wide range of policy areas. What are specific ways in which Congress exercises its checks and balances over the Executive Branch? In your opinion, should a modern state limit the president only to the powers enumerated to him/her in the U.S. Constitution? Why?

you must use reference required textbook.

You DON"T use OUTSIDE reference.

Required Reading
The text for the class is Benjamin Ginsberg; Theodore Lowi; Margaret Weir; Caroline Tolbert; and Robert Spitzer. We The
People: An Introduction to American Politics. Ninth Essentials Edition. WW Norton. 2013.
"Part Three: Institutions of Government (continued)"
1.The Presidency: Power and Resources
2. The Modern President and Public: A Twin-Edged Sword
3.The President and Congress in the Obama Years

Reading: Ginsberg, et al., chapter 10 & 11 (pp. 306-363).

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