american literature

Purpose The 5-6 page research paper will act as the the capstone for the course. A successful paper will demonstrate the following: •    Apply textual (setting, plot, character, theme, imagery, foreshadowing, irony, etc.) and contextual analytical (history and culture) skills •    Use one of the  critical theories such as Feminist, Psychological, Marxist, New Historicist, Historical/Biographical, or Archetypal  (see PowerPoint ) •    Construct a well-organized, clear, concise research paper that expands the academic understanding of the topic Requirements •    5-6 page paper (excluding title page, outline, and reference page) •    APA or MLA format •    At least 4 credible sources •    Double spaced using 12 pt. font in either Times New Roman, or Calibri Process     Topic Selection The first step in the process is developing an appropriate point of comparison. The comparison should be based on how the two books/authors are representative of American gender and politics, the minority voice, marginalization, or the society of the time period. You will submit and discuss, either in “live” virtual conferences or email proposed topics. You will then have to solidify your topic in an instructor approved manner. Coming up with topic will require you to use texts covered in class, your own critical skills, and preliminary research.

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