American nightmare and dream in The Great Gatsby

Essay #4: The American Dream and Nightmare of The Great Gatsby
Due: Apr 29, 2016, 04:00 PM

English 1302 Essay #4: The American Dream and Nightmare of The Great Gatsby

After reading the novel and participating in class discussion, you will analyze the motif of the American dream versus the American nightmare prevalent in F. Scott Fitzgerald’s The Great Gatsby. The thesis statement of your intro should include the aforementioned motif, author, and correctly punctuated novel title.

Select one situation, setting, concept, or character that represents the American dream to prove in your first body paragraph. With an appropriate transitional flow, proceed subsequently in proving the antithetical American nightmare evident within the novel in your second body paragraph, by selecting a different situation, setting, concept, or character. Balance evenly the analysis and the number of quoted phrases within each paragraph.

Limit any textual material to a phrase no lengthier than a line of your essay. Include the parenthetical documentation, omitting Fitzgerald’s name as you have directly identified the author in your intro, and you are limiting your analysis to this one novel. i.e. (82). Place the closing period of the incorporated quoted evidence AFTER the ( ).

In your conclusion, demonstrate the vivid insights of the American dream versus the American nightmare you have assimilated from having studied Fitzgerald’s novel and from having observed today’s society. End with an impacting statement demonstrating your understanding of the human condition and the timelessness of the novel.

The intro and conclusion should not be lengthier that any one of your body paragraphs. The novel itself provides more than adequate textual evidence; do not google/research background material. Edit carefully and be sure to simply read over your essay before you turn it in.

The minimum word count for this essay is 1000 words of analysis, with no more than 1100 words. Do not tabulate the Work Cited material in your word limit total. Choose an original and engaging title. I recommend that you turn this in early enough to view your Turnitin score. If you have mistakenly failed to give credit to Fitzgerald, correct this and resubmit before the due date. No one will be allowed to re-do this essay in a case of plagiarism.

Due through Canvas: Friday, April 29th at 4:00 pm.

* I would love to talk through your essay ideas with you individually. I encourage you to discuss your essay with me at any juncture in your writing process.

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