an e-commerce site host

Here my professor’s instructions:
The purpose of the research paper is to supplement topics that are important in website construction but we do not have enough time to cover. The focus should be on “hands on” “how to” than an academic scholarly paper. This assignment will help develop your skills in selecting an e-commerce site host for your project.
1. Visit at least THREE web hosting sites discussed in class and compare:
• The range of e-commerce hosting services they offer to small businesses
• Their capabilities
• The costs.
2. Examine the tools they provide for creating an e-commerce site.
3. Compare these services and decide which you would use if you were actually establishing a web store.
4. In Microsoft Word write a brief report that includes:
• A well designed table that lists the strengths and weaknesses of each hosting service
• Your service provider choice and the total cost to get your site setup and live.
5. Include references for the sites you researched.


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