an Inaugural address for Bernie Sanders/ocial Justice or Human RightsPaper details:
Social Justice or Human Rights
-Racial Justice/ struggles
-LGBT community
-Student Debt
-Country debt
-Large corporate backings
-Investments in our collective future
-economic and political crisis in this country
-Reinvigorating American democracy
-Tuition and healthcare
The people
-Life’s necessities – including wages
-Declining middle class – parental succession
-Encouraging the youth to take ownership of their future
Every other major country on earth are able to provide universal healthcare, substantially lower cost prescriptions
Elimination of corporate donations
Movement away from large corporate backing and donations
Students with massive debt
Struggles of race
Immigration & racial justice (category)
Bright future (children)
Incredible waste from presidential elections since 2000s
Campaign finance system for politicians
fixed roads, schools, etc.
Prioritize direct address to the American people as opposed to other politicians, corporations, etc.
Add mention to people about “fighting congress along with by the people quote
Overall empowerment tone and language
“to empower the people”
This is the essay i have write, can u please add 250 words in to the essay, and choose any topic from the top above and
highlight it.
My fellow Americans:

Today, we celebrate the embodiment the phrase “government of the people, by the people, for the people.” We all come from
diverse backgrounds but united we create something greater than the sum of ourselves as it is through a collaborative effort
that we will advance this great nation. Today, we celebrate for today as well as the future. I am confident we have the power
and ability to make a difference in the lives of our children and our children’s children.
I would like to thank President Barack Obama for his help in paving the way in the plight towards the bright future before
us. As the 45th successor chosen to lead our nation
[Someplace in the intro, feel free to make revisions as you see fit]
When I look out at you I see stories. I see the story of the hard working parent trying to keep food on the table and a roof
above their head. I see the story of the student, afraid to go into the world with little prospects and a massive debt. I see
the story of the soldier coming home, yet to face their greatest challenges. I see the struggles of race in a time when there
should be none. I see the issues of sexual abuse. But most importantly I see the ability to make a stand, to fight for what
makes us great.

Now, these issues cannot be solved overnight. It will take time to make a difference for our children and our childrens
children. But, we must take a stand right now, and do our part to create a better life for all. We must plant the seeds today
so that we may enjoy the fruits of our labor with our children and our grandchildren.

And we need to plant a variety of different seeds, ones that will shape not only the future within our borders, but will help
shape our future outside of it. We belong to a larger global community, a community that we should open our arms in welcome.
We have a duty to be an example to the world, so we should always strive to be better than we are. We must push to break
boundaries, and explore the wonders of the universe and encourage others to follow suit.
[This Section can be placed anywhere in the body of the speech]
We must remind ourselves that we, the American people, will not blindly stand by while a corrupt campaign finance system is
still in place working its way to undermining our democracy. We must not let the one percent take their huge tax breaks,
while nearly all new income and wealth still goes to them while the rest of us fight for higher wages in order to get by.

We must now take the opportunity handed to us to make a difference, a difference that will shape our future for the better.
We need to start putting money back into education, into veterans needs, and social security. We need to invest into cleaner
energy systems while properly acknowledging the scientific reality of climate change.

We need to restart our economy, badly. Now, finding money for the task may not be easy. So we must impose a tax on Wall
Street. The middle class bailed them out, despite their illegal behavior which ended up harming our economy, so isn’t it
about time that Wall Street returns the favor? We, the American people, are guided by a simple principle, and that principle
is of fairness. Right now, Wall Street is being anything but fair.
[Somewhere nearing the ending]
So I stand before you today to make a simple request of the American people. Work together, build together, grow together,
listen to each other, and make sure that we all have the ability to be the best we can be. The potential benefits of this
mindset are too good to pass up, so let’s be sure to take it.

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