Analysing documentary


Analysing documentary
Pick one of the essays or the documentary listed in the schedule of classes since November 26. We will have discussed all of the sources, so you should be familiar with what is available by the time you write your paper.

Read/watch the chosen essay/documentary. Practice the critical reading techniques discussed in lectures to determine the author’s purpose, what the author is arguing, what the author’s main points are, and how the essay is written/presented.

Next, follow the guidelines for critique writing given in the lecture notes to write a critique of your chosen source. Your critique should be broken down into the following structure:

Introduce the source in one paragraph: what is the title and who is the author? What is the author’s main argument (or THESIS)? What are your initial feelings about the author’s opinions and presentation (here, you only need to briefly state your reactions; there is no need to get too detailed yet).
Summarize the source. What are the main points the author uses to support his or her thesis (in other words, what are the ?stages of thought?)?
Analyze the author’s argument. Is it a valid argument, despite whether you agree or disagree? Does the author succeed in executing his or her purpose(s)? Are there any logical fallacies present? If so, give examples from the source and comment on its problems.
Respond to the author’s opinions and conclusions. Do you agree or disagree? Be sure to explain why. What counterpoints exist to this argument? What support does this source?s argument get?
Conclude your critique by recapping the author’s main argument, your main opinions of the argument, and whether the author’s points are valid and well defined. Your conclusion should try to be considerably different from your introduction.
AND AGAIN, Make sure that your prose flows naturally and does not sound jerky or forced.

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