Analysis of Latina/o y Musulman
Author’s argument
Martinez-Vazquez, author of Latina/o y Musulman, is a converted Muslim who lives in the United States. In the article, Martinez-Vazquez explains how Latina/o Muslims reveal themselves and make their presence noted in United States America. He does so by examining different stories of conversion experienced by US Latina/o Muslims. This helps to uncover the process of conversion and their position in the community after they converted to Islam. From his research, he discovers that after conversion to Islam U.S. Latina/o Muslims go through reconstruction of their customs traditions and their lives in general. These changes include aspects such as their diet and form of prayer. Additionally, they go through marginalization, not only from the society, but also from their ethnic group. They are viewed as individuals who do not belong in either worlds and are located in-between. However, they have managed to form local organizations to offer support to each other and have consequently created a new societal identity.
The article is quite convincing, especially when considering the interviews Martinez conducted, and the responses he outlined. He also outlines the troubles they have undergone and how the organizations have given them an identity. True to the fact, the Latina/o Muslims are a minority population consisting of approximately 0.5% of the Latina/o population. Most of the population is Roman Catholic and as such, conversion results in discrimination from their families and American population at large.
Discussion questions
1. What impact has the local organizations had on the spread of Islam within the Latin America society?
2. What is the main cause for social stigmatization against the Latina/o Muslims?
3. How can the local organizations help the Latina/o Muslims in their adaptation to the religion?

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