Question description

Research and analyze at least three technology tools for online educational
sharing and report your findings in a well-constructed, scholarly essay of 2-3
pages (apx 100-1200 words).
Within your paper, identify the best tool in your opinion you will use this tool for all other assignments in this class. Please include a
rationale supporting your selection of this particular tool. Support your ideas
with research from 2-3 credible sources.
A few examples of tools for online educational sharing include a blog, a
wiki, a website, an e-book, an existing educational portal, a collaboration
tool, or any other technology that allows a person to share his or her
knowledge, expertise, experience, ideas, products, etc., with a select group of
people or with an open, worldwide audience. 
Remember during the rest of the assignments in this class you will stick to that utilize a Web 2.0 tool so you should feel comfortable with the creation and use of that tool.

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