analyze the interviews, non-normative representations of sexuality or gender in the media.

For this paper you will conduct two to three audience reception interviews about your chosen media object and write up the results. In order to successfully complete this assignment you must analyze the interviews according to the requirements listed below to make an argument about non-normative representations of sexuality or gender in the media.

Choose a current (2016) media text (for example, a television show, a song or album, a film, a videoblog, a video game, etc.)
Develop a list of questions that will help you answer a question you may have about how audiences interpret representations of non-traditional sexuality or gender in the media object you choose.
Interview two to three people about their responses to the media text in terms of its representation of sexuality or gender.
Write a 3-4 pages (900-1,200 words) paper analyzing the data you collected. This paper should include the following:
An explanation of why you chose this media and why it is a useful object to analyze in terms of gender or sexuality.
A description of how you chose your interview subjects and under what conditions your conducted your interview. Remember, there should be some logical connection between who you chose to interview and why you chose the media text you decided to analyze.
An analysis of your findings and your interviewees’ answers might tell us about how audiences respond to representations of gender or sexuality in the media.
A list of the questions you asked (the list should not be included in your word count).
Your paper should incorporate citations from at least three of the chapters you read from class. (Book: Gender, Race and Class in Media. A critical reader, 3rd edition ISBN: 978-1-4129-7441-7 )

Things to keep in mind:

Stay away from the obvious. The argument that people think women are too sexualized in the media is not an original argument. However, one interview with a teenager and one interview with an older viewer about how accurately a show represents the sexuality of its high school female star might yield more interesting results.
Starting asking for interviews early. It can be difficult to find people with the time to talk you. You should also leave time for an additional interview in case the person you interviewed has to cancel or ends up being a poor interview subject. And remember that interviews over the phone or Skype can be used as source material for your paper.

Use of three citations from readings (in addition to research citations)
Have you used quotes or ideas from at least two readings?
Have you cited those readings?
Are those citations appropriate to your paper?

The quality of your research
Did you ask good questions related to your topic?
Were you ethical in your dealings with your interview subject?
Did you complete at least two interviews?

The quality of your analysis of your data
Do you organize and report on your interview in a clear way?
Do you adequately defend your choice of interview subject?
Are you able to draw interesting conclusions from your interview?

The organization and quality of your writing
Is the paper organized logically?
Is the writing clear and grammatically correct?
Are there problems with spelling?

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