*Body : contains TEXTUAL EXAMPLES each paragraphs (each topics) from the novel as well as one or two of the essays from “75 READINGS PLUS” book (including “The myth of the Cave”, “Coming to awareness of language”, “Doublespeak”, “Shooting An Elephant”, “If Hitler asked you to electrocute a stranger, would you? probably”, “Alone on the hilltop”, “Chronicles of ice”, “Meanings of word”, “Black men and public space”, “White guilt”, “The arrow of time”, “Our oceans are turning into plastic…are we?”, “Should this student have been expelled?”, “Sex, drugs, disasters, and the extinction of dinosaurs”, “Mother tongue”), and PERSONAL EXAMPLES each paragraphs (each topics)

*An analysis of the overall themes of Ask The Dust as well as the role your chosen issue plays in them.
*Conclusion: summarizes and extends the thesis statement.


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