review one book of these 3 books
you have to get the book and read it
do not read a previous reviews or points as someone had done this to me and screwed me really bad and this caused me really bad result
here are the books
1- Infections and inequalities: the modern plagues by Farmer, Paul 1999

2- Vita: life in a zone of social abandonment by Biehl, João Guilherme; Eskerod, Torben 2013

3- When bodies remember: experiences and politics of AIDS in South Africa
by Fassin, Didier 2007

some important details
1- really good review this worth 80% of the total mark in this module so i have to get at least 70%
2-use the book as a reference if you felt you have to use some references please do
3-unique writing
4-plagiarism has to be under 10% in turnitin
5-word count no less than 2475 words no more than 2595 words
6-Harvard style for references

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