appealing to fear is the most powerful way to gain voters’ support in the elections

This is an argumentative paper. It should argue that by appealing to fear, political candidates are able to manipulate people into voting for them. Appealing to fear the most successful and most persuasive strategy used by politicians to gain voter’s support. Not only that, but it is the easiest emotion to provoke. Just to be clear, the main idea of this argument paper is: the best method to gain people’s votes in the elections

NO outside sources whatsoever. Only use the 3 articles I provides, 2 are in the attachment folder and the third article is in the link below:

You should use concrete evidence to support your claim. Please make the argument as strong as possible. You can include an example of how Donald Trump won the election by invoking fear in people. In his 2016 speech, he labeled Mexican immigrants as “rapists” and “drug dealers”. By doing so, he was able to magnify people’s threats. When people feel that their safety is being threatened, the vote for the candidate who promises to abolish those threats.

In addition, you should include an opposing view ( a counterargument). Then, you should attempt to refute this opposing view. For instance, the opposing view could be that building your presidential campaign on hope and positivity is more effective than building it on fear.. etc.

Again, NO outside sources should be used. Please only use the 3 articles that I provided.

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