This part of your learning profile will be completed with another person. Read the scenario below.



You have a test coming up in class. There are three parts to this test. One part has a written component, one part has an oral component, and one part has a hands-on component. You have decided to study for this test with another student in the class. Both of you want to do well.

You will work together to develop individual strategies that will help each of you prepare for the test. You will also need to explain why those particular strategies are appropriate for that particular person. To do this, each of you will need to share your strengths as well as areas needing improvement from Part 1 of this assignment. Together, you are required to develop test preparation strategies based on each persons strengths. Explain why these are the best strategies for each person to use.


As a learning pair, you are required to hand in one assignment. This assignment will include both students strategies and explanations. This assignment should:

Have one stand alone title page that indicates the title of this assignment and the name of both learning partners

Clearly label each students set of strategies and explanations eg. A heading titled Annes Strategies.

Be approximately 3-5 pages in length, excluding the title page.

Be typed and double-spaced.


One of you will post this assignment in Learning Profile (Learning Pair): Part 2 on Blackboard. Be sure to post both names in the journal submission.


Part 2 due date: February 8, 2015 at 11:30


here is my result pics and my partner to

Explain why these are the best strategies for each person to use .these link:

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