1. View / Read the (2) assigned film / readings listed above, and write down notes, observations and thoughts as you are
reading the essays – This will be part of Problem Set 3.1 as you will utilize one spread (two pages) within your sketchbook
for your notes, observations and thoughts.
(Note: You may use blank index cards, Bristol paper, etc. to adhere into your sketchbooks if they are being graded at the time you complete
this assignment).
2. Respond with:
-One word, which best describes the central theme of the assigned film / readings
-One sentence, composing a personal phrase (no quotes) that describes the outcome of your reading experience,
your final impression, What did you take away?
-One image that best represents each film / reading. Identify the source of the image. In addition, print the image
and include in your sketchbook (This will be part of Problem Set 3.1) Utilize -one spread within your sketchbook
and include the image, including the term and develop a diagram of the selected image.
-Approximately three paragraphs, composing your response / reflection that describes the outcome of your
viewing / reading experience, identifying aspects that were interesting or engaging, and why and what impact the
readings had on you – (300 words, min.)

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