Argument Essay

MLA Format: 12pt Times New Roman font, 1” margins, double-spaced with MLA heading, header, and works cited page
Length: 5 full pages (it is best to carry over onto the next page)
Sources: Use at least five sources
Final Draft Due: 28 April by the beginning of class
Submission: Submit file as .doc or .docx only under the appropriate assignment block on Blackboard.
Essays not meeting the requirements will not be graded and must be resubmitted, and will be considered late for purposes of grading and revision.

Assignment: Find a topic that is important to you and do your best to convince the reader your point of view is the correct one in a five-page (minimum) essay. Try to balance the appeals that you use, and avoid logical fallacies. Back up your claims with information that can be tested and proven (avoid arguments that can only be proven through circular logic).
Thesis: Arguable topics need not be black/white issues (topics that traditionally have two mutually exclusive sides). In fact, such topics (abortion, capital punishment, euthanasia, legalizing marijuana, gun control) are often limiting because the positions are already set in stone. For this reason, NO essays will be accepted on the topics of abortion, changing the drinking age, right to die cases, gay marriage, capital punishment, gun control, immigration reform, pay for college athletes, or the legalization of marijuana as these topics have already been discussed in the press ad nauseam. Rather than exploring such traditional argumentative topics, try to discover and generate an argument that is narrow and less typical.
Task: You will be primarily graded on the clarity and precision of your thesis, how well you support it with detail, the usage of expository and descriptive writing, style, voice and tone, organization and structure, and formatting. Avoid broad terms and vague discussions.
The use of outside sources to support your thesis is required for this essay. If you quote a definition, an example of the application of the label, or other supporting materials, you must cite the source using MLA citation format, as discussed in class. Do NOT use Wikipedia as a reference source, although you can certainly use it to gather information and find other sources to cite from.
Tips: Strive for a specific take, not something vague and broad. Find something that is important to you, or find a topic that you strongly disagree with and persuade us why your stance on the topic is the most valid.

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