1. Go to and watch the short video clip. Then answer the following questions:
• Summarize what happens in the ad, very briefly.
• What ‘product’ is the ad ‘selling’?
• Does the video appeal to logic, or some other criterion?
• As the ad stands, would you ‘buy’ the product? I.e. is it persuasive?
o Briefly explain why or why not.
Using some of the principles we have studied in Damer’s Intellectual Code, how would you strengthen the case that is being made by the producers of the video?
• Remember to define key terms used in the argument.
• Add missing and implicit premises, and a clear conclusion.
o additional information concerning the latter is available on the video website.
• You might want to refer to who is making the argument and their purpose in doing so, if you feel this is relevant.
o This would require some research into the organization in question.

2. Obtain the ‘Letters to the Editor’ section of any newspaper or magazine, including student and online newspapers/magazines, then answer the following questions:

Select a letter that contains at least one argument:
• Locate the conclusion and each premise.
• Set these out in argument form:
o e.g. P1, P2, Px……… C.
• Using the five criteria of good arguments (the Structural, Relevance, Acceptability, Sufficiency & Rebuttal Principles), evaluate the argument.
o How good is it?

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