Argument & Research Essay
Due Dec 7 by 6pm Points 0
Argument & Research Essay

The “Argument & Research Essay” asks you to join a conversation about some aspect of popular culture, specifically a movie, film genre, or archetypal film character. You should spend time researching the topic (listening to the conversation) then decide what you have to say in response. This essay allows you to highlight your understanding that there are often many perspectives on a single issue and to emphasize the skills you have gained this semester in content, organization, and the technical aspects of writing. With this assignment, you will have a chance to show that you can 1) successfully incorporate outside sources, 2) interpret those sources fairly, and 3) take your position within a conversation.

The “Argument & Research Essay” serves as a bridge to Writing 2 and other college coursework. It asks you to engage in research, to properly use secondary sources in building a focused, topical argument, and to employ basic rhetorical modes. Each student adds research to their final essay by selecting at least two outside sources. Library instruction in database research is included in this unit.

Word Count: 2,500-3,000

Sources: total of 5 sources minimum (1 must be from Signs of Life chapter four and 2 must be outside sources) must be included in an annotated bibliography (with each annotations including a description of why each source is reliable)

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