Art (Fine arts, Performing arts)

Due Monday, Feb. 29th 2016 by 11pm CST
For our third assignment we’re turning our attention to theatrical design. We’re asking you to create a
conceptual design treatment in which you will address the design elements of a play.
You are going to be the designer for Oedipus Rex- an ancient Greek play by Sophocles. You don’t need to
read the entire play (unless you like)- a simple synopsis will do. Based on the play synopsis for Oedipus
Rex located at you will address your design of the
following areas:
1. Scenic Design
2. Costume Design
3. Lighting Design
4. Sound Design
These areas are covered in detail in Ch. #5 of your text.
Write a brief description for each design area of how you would conceive a production of Oedipus Rex.
Offer justifications of why you are making the choices you are making. Be creative! Decide if you want to
establish a realistic or fantastical production. Be specific about time period and locations you are trying to
capture. Allow yourself to imagine some different and original ways you might design the play. Think
about what you might want to see if you went to a production of Oedipus Rex. DON’T dismiss the play as
some dusty old Greek thing that doesn’t relate to you- in all actuality the play could be taken out of the
headlines of today’s newspapers. Look for ways that a fresh perspective on the design of the play would
enhance the story being told. You can also include a treatment of the other areas of design such as make-up,
special effects and/or masks (if those fit your concept).
This may feel similar to the Director Assignment but this time you are focusing only on design elements.
You may wish to submit supporting materials that clarify your design concepts- feel free to do so. There is
not a required length for this assignment but fully realized design treatments should take at least a full page
of description.
• Be creative. Don’t worry about being “wrong”
• Take a chance and have some fun with this play!
• What would YOU like to see if you went to the sho

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