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This is academic writing class , the summary – response essay consists of 5 paragraphs.there is an introductory paragraph, the writer summarizing the content an
article that has been written by anther. the writer is summarizing the content of the article because the writer is assuming that his reader has not read the article ,
in our class we read an article , called ‘ arranged marriage : A new trend in the United states?’ by Maryam nasal/
good summary paragraph is characterized by 8 criteria . these are the criteria : 200-250 words, Mps, no quotes , main facts , thesis statement : templet topic
statement, own words ; in student opinion . The place where the writer most strongly expresses his/her own voice or opinion in the summary-reslk se essay is in the 3
body paragraph ( one of the three paragraph should be against or for . either one against two for or two against one for).

I will upload more files .
there is article the u need to summery
please focus on guide lines , because my professor is so strict .
and if u need any thing else let me know .
remamber no quotes and out resources.

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