1. It should be 1100 words (excluding footnotes and bibliography)
2. Provide an introduction to the general problematic you are interested in studying and why this topic is important (i.e. representations of South Asian women in North American media).
3. Identify and briefly describe a specific “media text” that is an example of the larger problematic you have identified in your introduction. You will critically analyze this text and use it as evidence to support your arguments. Your media text can be a film, television show, magazine series, etc. Your chosen media text MUST be dated 2012 or later.
4. Provide a definition (cite a relevant academic source) and explanation of your methodological approach, i.e.) critical discourse analysis, semiotics, etc., including details on how you are going to perform the analysis.
5. MINIMUM of six academic sources (I will upload some in-class readings that you need to use and you should find some extra readings too )

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