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The topic is “Poverty and/or health disparities in African Americans populations in New York.” Create two to three PowerPoint slides that provide a solid assessment
of the health issue that you intend to tackle throughout this
course. The Assessment must include epidemiological methods and the
following items:Descriptive information on the target population (age, gender, culture, ethnicity, etc.) and location (city, town, state, etc.) Identification, through assessment, means of the health issue or problem and how it has affected the target population.  Information on impact could come from mortality and
morbidity reports, academic research, etc. Avoid using online sources
such as WebMD. Government sources are fine, but the databases within the
Ashford University Library are the best resources for journal articles
that provide data on health impact. Risk factors as outlined by epidemiological means (e.g., social
and behavioral determinants within the community or among the population
that contributes to or ameliorates this problem) Other demographic information outlined by epidemiological assessment measures An explanation of how the two essential services that revolve
around assessment are applied to this health problem.  These services:
Monitor Health and Diagnose and Investigate, ensure that a community’s
health assessment is accurate. Components of the AssignmentTwo to three PowerPoint slides (excluding title and reference
slides) that provide information on the selected
topic and a brief background of the issue.  A topic that focuses on a public health issue or problem within a
community, city, state, or county.  Your topic should come from the
list in the Team Assignment instructions.   A clear and concise thesis/problem statement that is supported
with academic research and epidemiological evidence (surveillance,
census information, etc.) References on a final slide. Your first deliverable is just an
introduction to your topic that includes multiple items, including a
description of your topic and the population you are assessing. You must
provide epidemiological assessment information that proves this is an
issue. For example, if you are attacking smoking among infants, you are
likely not going to find any information…however, you may be able to
find how second-hand smoke affects infants. Make sure you clearly
identify your health issue, the population it affects, and explain how
assessment is applied to this health problem. Review the 10 essential
services of public health.Again my topic is Poverty and health disparities in African Americans population in New York.

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