Assignment 2 – An Essay (70%)

Write a 1000-1500 word essay answering the following question

I have suggested a topic which is invites you to select a feture of ‘shamanism’ which you consider essential and put forward an argument.

1) What is the essential feature or features of shamanism?
Use material from the course to support your ideas and keep in mind the elements, which you incorporated in your critical review.

2) You may prefer to select a topic that we have covered in the class – Tarantism, Carlos Castenada, Zar cults, ‘Celtic’ shamans, Heritage and shamanism… and discuss how this topic conforms or does not conform to a definition of shamanism.

You are welcome to discuss topics for your essay with me. Whatever you choose however, make full use of the supporting reading in your article list, bibliography and in the extra resources listed on the class sheets

Essay due 20 March 2017 (extension possible, but please contact me)

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