Summary Paper

At the end of this unit, rather than taking a test, you are required to write an applied summary paper. The applied summary paper should be a combination of the theories and concepts you have learned during this course and an application of those concepts to a group situation. This learning would have originated from all components of each unit including lectures, reading, assignments, exercises, and group activities.

The goal is to review all of the concepts and experiences and include a discussion of your thoughts, observations, learning, and application to your own organization. State your learning from these concepts and how you would utilize or apply them at the workplace. Discuss how these concepts could enable you to function or perform tasks at a higher level in your organization. Since students are discussing their thoughts, observations, learning, and application, first person is appropriate to use in this assignment. Therefore, the content can be written in both first and third person. Second person, i.e., “you,” is to be avoided.

The following concepts should be dealt with in your paper:

Discuss job satisfaction and how your organization enhances job satisfaction. If there is a negative job satisfaction environment, please provide suggestions about how you could move toward positive job satisfaction.
Explain diversity and how diversity in is handled in your organization. Provide suggestions for enhancing the overall understanding of diversity in your organization.
Discuss emotional intelligence and the role it plays in organizational behavior. Discuss how emotional intelligence is utilized in your organization.
Discuss group formation by highlighting the following points:
Personality (i.e. How does understanding personality affect group formation and development)
Conflict resolution. Is there a specific model your organization uses to resolve conflicts and make decisions? Discuss that model. If no model is used, suggest a model that best fits your situation and explain why you believe that model is best.
Communication: Explain the overall communication process/flow in your organization? Discuss how the established communication process affects group interaction and decision-making.
Discuss organizational culture and how the recognized culture in your organization affects the overall management of the organization. Provide a process you would use to initiate cultural change in your organization.

Integration of Christian Values

In addition to the managerial elements, and in keeping with Malone’s mission, MMP requires the integration of Christian values in each summary paper. MMP uses the following definition of Christian values, as stated in the MMP summary paper rubric: “Christian values are the principles, beliefs, and standards of behavior that are theologically, ethically, and or directly derived from the Holy Bible that help guide a person’s understanding of what is true, good, and right and influence actions.”

Integration of this component can be done in one of two ways: integration throughout the essay or as a separate dedicated section of the essay. Integration of this component should contain all of the following:

Demonstration of how Christian values can be applied to the fundamental strategies and practices of business management
Clear identification and explanation of which Christian values are applicable to the context or situation being written about and how these values are relevant to course learning
Reference support for integration, such as with Biblical references or substantiation from other resources, using appropriate APA formatting

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