Please answer the following discussion board questions in detail and provide references for each answer.

1. We know that most jails in this country are rural jails with less than 100 persons being housed. What are some of the unique challenges small jail administrators have to face? Do your research and remember to cite your sources.

2. There was a 2015 Supreme Court case on the Use of Force for a pre-trial detainee. Please review this case and speak towards the significance of it. Why is it different than other Use of Force cases?

3. There has been a lot in the news over the past year on Riker’s Island. Since we are not there, all we have to go on are the news reports. Do a bit of research and provide your impressions about three things: 1) security at the jail; 2) inmate interaction with staff; and 3) staff interaction with inmates. After your research (remember to cite your sources) what overall impression do you have? Do you opine the jail is safe for staff and inmates, why or why not, and without the benefit of having boots on the ground, what steps would you take to improve the situation?


Here is an article from the Economist’s. It is a little off the topic from jails, but comment upon what you think about the thesis.

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