Industrial success has always been dependent on  logistics management. However today’s customer has increasing expectations with regard to the choice and delivery of goods and services. These customers increasingly demand higher quality and lower prices, whilst they are spoilt for choice. To deal with this apparent trade-off international retailers have adopted different approaches to the management of their operations and supply chains. You will examine the impact of the supply chain drivers (facilities, transportation, inventory, and information) on the management of the supply chain and the implementation of the organisational strategy of a company or SME of your choice; operating within a Global Environment.

Compare and contrast the logistics operation of two retail companies (FMCG) operating in international markets (Europe, America, Asia or Africa) and supplied by SME’s based in other regions of the world.

In your report you will be required to appraise the logistic and supply chain operation applicable to these  two organisations, with regard to inventory management strategies, while evaluating the transport mode polices adopted by this company, detailing the logistical operations, inventory management and IT systems used to support these operations. You will also be required to develop conclusions and recommendations as to how these organisation’s will develop over the next 5 years.

Your answer will be assessed on the clarity of your argument, structure, grammar, reasoning and synthesis of reasonable conclusions and recommendations. You should discuss and critically evaluate areas relating to:
– The logistics and supply chain practices of this company, including international and global considerations
– Inventory holding and replenishment polices, related to logistics and international business constraints
– Transport Mode strategy including national and international distribution requirements. This discussion needs to consider business strategy and markets.
– Monitoring and control systems employed by the company, consideration relating to quality control and strategic considerations related to operational process.
– Conclusions and Recommendations to consider and reflect on operational supply chain and markets
-Presentation of the report, structure, written style

In all cases the report should be more than descriptive collations of individual submissions or library material (sources should be referenced in detail, notions alone are not acceptable) should illustrate relevant aspects of theory and accepted practices, and demonstrate thoughtful analysis and discussion of key issues
not more than 2500 words and not less than 2000 words. references excluded


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