Hi, I want you to write for my an essay of 825 to 1000 word.
But I started writing the introduction just add the Defination of mega event you can use the the first pro website or the article “ what makes an event a mega event”. and I write the first pargraph to show you how I want please go through it and check If there is any grammar mistake

There are 2 guideline please read them both.

I will attach articles and you have to use any 3  of them and you can use more IF you want ( I attached 5 articles, If you found something that is better than some of them feel freee to use but first show me the article) .But you have to use the book and the local newspaper
and the pro website

Also, I will attach pages from Event management book ,  ( not all of them but what will help you) you will find some of the events in the book please use them

you can use this for the local newspaper source

Pro website: ( you can change it)
or this  https://www.eventerprise.com/blog/environmental-impact-sporting-events-worth/

please finish before the deadline because I want to go through it and correct it with you If there is any mistake.

It’s very easy you just search for an event and mention it name with the impact and just explain little bit (supporting idea).
Please write it in a very simple language and easy words( high school level)

Thank you very much.


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