I need you to write a critical essay. I attached you an article which is (Powers_ Mclunchan) I want you to follow my way of writing as essay 1 that I attached too. I mean you should write it as the sample not too advance language because you will see how my language is simple so I want it to be at the same level of my writing. the essay should be written as introduction then the body then the conclusion. The introduction must have the key points of the article. Every body should start with its key point then explanation for the key point then examples from the article and end with Thesis statement for each paragraph. there should be sentences connect each paragraph to another. the conclusion should be summary to all what you have written then you should illustrate your thoughts at the end about the article and provide examples from the article to prove your thoughts. please avoid writing your thoughts through out the essay except the conclusion after you finish summarize all what you have written. the writing should be as an analysis to the article. please avoid writing in your thoughts  words like in my opinion or on my point of view just try to say I think or the writer miss some information like … any thing like that. finally, give the essay a new title that will illustrate your opinion about the essay. Please pay attention to not have any plagiarism.


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