You are the emergency manager in a medium-sized city, and your city manager has directed you to provide a 2-hour lecture to a combined meeting of the Citizen’s Police Academy and the Citizen’s Fire Academy. Your task is to outline and explain the roles and responsibilities of the various entities or organizations that would respond to an emergency or disaster in your city, emphasizing the scalable nature of response efforts.

Assignment Guidelines

In this assignment, you will create an organizational chart that outlines the roles and responsibilities of those who would respond to a large chemical spill in your city.
You should presume that local, state, and federal personnel and resources will be involved in the response.
Be sure to highlight what organization should take the lead in the response.
Your chart should not only list each organization but should also provide brief descriptions (50–100 words) of the organization’s responsibility.
For example, the local fire department’s response would include the following:
Determine the identity of the materials involved.
Determine the type and severity of hazards present.
Assess the threat to human health and environment.
Assess the need for evacuations, site control, security, and notifications.
Direct interim remedial procedures to limit the spread of the materials.
You may create the chart using any software application of your choice. You may also draw the chart by hand and upload the scanned image if necessary.
All sources must be referenced using APA style.

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