This assignment will help you get a better idea of the issues between states’ rights and the powers the federal government has. In this assignment, you will also practice summarizing an article from external sources.

But to get you started, some current topics include:

Immigration Reform
Voter Registration
Minimum Wage
Drivers Licensing
Medical Marijuana
The Right to Marry
Gun Control
State taxes
Education Reform
Biomedical Research (STEM Cell Research is an example)
Nutrition (e.g: school lunches, banning transfats, soda tax, calorie labels on menu)
Law Enforcement

Write a 2-3 paragraph summary of your articles, including a Chicago Style Citation. If academic writing is difficult for you, follow the basic steps at the end of this assignment for help writing an article summary. You can use the list below to think about the important information you should include in your summary:
Description of the issue
How the states’ rights advocates view the issue
How the federal government/elected officials/ other supporters of this issue view the problem.
What actions are being taken by both parties to either make certain the issue remains under state control or becomes federal law.

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