Americans migration to the New Western States created new problematic issues to solve. For example, some major arguments were if slavery should be allowed, and what states should be a free or slave state, There were different compromises that were suppose to help bring the controversial argument of slavery to a definite agreement. The Louisiana purchase helped mend the leaks of  the slavery issue, that the Missouri Compromise failed to complete. However, due to different problematic issues that insisted on rising about Slavery, it lead to many wars such as The Mexican War, and Bleeding Kansas. However, over a period of time the North and South began to separate, and incorporate their own system for living. The South depended on slavery for the profit of King Cotton, while the North depending on a industrial slave free profit. According to, the South utilized slavery to sustain its culture and grow cotton on plantations, the North prospered during the Industrial Revolution. Northern cities, the center of industry in the United States, became major metropolises due to an influx of immigrants. With this willing and cheap workforce, the North did not require a slave system. Although some northerners found the institution of slavery morally reprehensible, most did not believe in complete racial equality either. 2 Slavery became even more divisive when it threatened to expand westward because non-slaveholding white settlers did not want to compete with slaveholders in the new territories.  Eventually, the issue of ending slavery became a major discussion between the North and South. The Northerners did not like the laws that were being forced upon them for the southerns sake, so the abolitionist petitioned to end slavery. Abolitionist  believe that all men are created equal and that Slavery should be no more. However, the Southerners relied on cotton and feared the lost of slavery would destroy the South, and its economy. Fearing the lost of King Cotton the south presented justifiable reasons to the North with why slavery is needed. George Armstrong, John C Calhoun, William Harper, are the morally inclined men who proclaimed the reasons to keep slaves in boundage. The narratives of Solomon Northrup, Mary Armstrong, Morris Sheppard, Lizzie Williams, and Willis, will be used to detest against slavery with  their personal experiences. They will show why the Southern defense is horrific, demoralizing, and wrong .The Southern Defense will be opposed, and I will

refute the justifications of slavery by exposing the demoralization of a human being.


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