Below are additional instructions for the above project, which is due on Monday, December 4 by midnight:


Refer to the example on how to create an outline in Proposals and Formal Reports chapter in your textbook on page 307.


Refer to the example of a formal MLA business proposal from pages 329 through 339 in your textbook. You may use the same style; but change the wording to fit the type of business of your choice. Your audience is the Small Business Administration, who will fund your business.
The proposal should be in the range of 10 to 15 pages in length, single-spaced.
Make sure all components are covered (i.e. Executive Summary, Background and so forth).
Make sure you have statistical charts/pie charts as illustrated in the example. You will have to do some research on your business venture and document your findings appropriately in the report.
Revisit Proposals and Formal Reports for more instruction.

The business presentation will be produced in Microsoft PowerPoint.
The length of your presentation should be between six to nine slides, excluding title page.
Follow the same structure of your proposal outline.
Make sure you present your topics in bulleted lists with pictures and graphics.
Bulleted items should be very, very brief (high level) and not wordy.
You may include speaker notes OR record your voice as though you were posting your presentation on the Internet, i.e. YouTube. Below are some helpful video clips:


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