Community Collaboration Participant Identification

Prepare and submit a 5–7 page paper identifying and analyzing the characteristics and needs of the various participants in your community collaboration. The paper should include a detailed discussion of the incorporation of diverse populations, the role of each participant in the community, his or her connection to the target problem, methods you will use to engage participants in the collaborative process, and how collaboration promotes sustainability.
In summary, for this assignment, you will:
Define the methods to be used to engage selected participants in the collaborative process.
Apply theoretical and best practices to the selection of appropriate participants, including the incorporation of diverse populations in the proposed collaborative project.
Describe the communication structures and processes necessary to engage identified participants in the proposed collaborative project.
Formulate a clearly communicated analysis of key participants to the proposed collaborative project, including an explanation of how their involvement in the collaborative process will support the sustainability of the project.
Support your ideas with properly cited peer-reviewed sources.
Submit your work to Turnitin (revise as needed) and include a copy of the report as an attachment to the assignment.


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