Topics: Choice Any topic You Pick to write -1. Melting pot & salad bowl society.  2. Research a major historical event  related to race and ethnicity. 3. Immigration Migration to the United States. 4. Institutional racism and or sexism. 5. Mass media and stereotypes of race and ethnic groups 6. Racial patterns of dating and marriage. 7. Music as expression of culture. 8. Hate groups, racial- ethnic violence and or genocide. 9. Military organizations and race- ethnicity. 10. Sport organizations and race- ethnicity.                                                                                                                                                        RESEARCH PAPER OUTLINE                                                                                                                          Only select a topic for your research paper from the numerous topic listed below.                                            LENGTH 5 PAGES          DOUBLE sapce and 24 – 26 lines per page.                                                            Please do NOT double space beteween paragraphs. FONT use a 12 inches font.                                        COVER PAGE Include your name ( Jessica Johnson) class session, ( PHIL 103)  Date ( Nov. 13, 2017)    and Tiltle of your paper on cover page. WHICH EVER TOPIC YOU PICK.                                                    Also the cover page is not considered part of your 5 pages.                                                                        PAPER OUTLINE  Introduction 1- 2 pages that will explain your research topic and how this topic affects your/our understanding of race, ethnicity and cultural diversity.                                                          ANALYSIS of research: 3-6 pages that will descibes the significant research that is related to your topic, both pasr and present.                                                                                                                                  SUMMARY 1-2 pages that will discus the finding your paper describes as important about your subject topic.                                                                                                                                                          BIBLIOGRAPHY at least five SOURCES of research information.


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