1. Read each question carefully before you start reading and underline relevant material/answers as you read. SQs will be much harder if you don’t!!
    2.    Write succinctly. Do not add editorial comments or personal reflections/reactions to your response. Save those for class discussions.
    SQ 13: Life after life Raymond A.Moody JR.,M.D.
    (a)    When and why did Moody begin this research? How did he collect his data?
    (b)    How does Moody’s research fit Mayer’s requirement for an “empiricism based on personal experience?” Use specific examples from the text to illustrate each component of Mayer’s methodology.

    Empiricism grounded in personal experience”
    Start with data that show up largely in deeply
    personal accounts of knowing that don’t play by our
    usual scientific rules
    Reject the temptation to substitute other data that
    are easier to study, but that excise crucial features
    of exactly what we’re trying to understand
    Give up disavowals that currently sequester our real
    data, keeping them immune from consensual, open,
    and public scrutiny


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