I need helping finding two organisms for this literature review and writing the outline. I know I want it to be on behavior or the brain, but I am having trouble choosing the organisms and putting the topic together. Here is some more information besides what I attached:
For the literature review topic you need to find TWO organisms that are very different, but compare a similar characteristic they both share. However, you can also compare TWO organisms that are very similar, but compare something different about them. For example, if you want to compare two different organisms you would do something like comparing the snapping mechanisms of a snapping turtle and a Venus Fly Trap. One organism is a plant and the other a reptile so they are very different, but you are finding something they have in common. If you want to compare to similar organisms you would compare the wings of a puffin and a penguin. In this case, both are birds, but they use their wings for two completely different purposes. Aside from finding a topic, you have to state the reason why you chose the topic and include 5 screenshots of abstracts from peer-reviewed scientific sources that deal with your topic.

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