Film Response: THE KEEPER: THE LEGEND OF OMAR KHAYYAM Write a film response in MLA format, approximately one page, double-spaced, on one of the following prompts. Do NOT retell the story. 1. On the basis of this movie, discuss the importance of stories and storytelling in our lives. 2. What does The Keeper have to say about tolerance? 3. Compare this movie with the poem The Rubaiyat of Omar Khayyam (either the version I presented in class or a different version or translation). Describe Omar Khayyam’s outlook on life. 4. What does The Keeper say about the importance of reading, learning, and wisdom? 5. Discuss how the film relates the realm of learning to that of politics. 6. What can we learn from Omar’s life and work about the art of being human? 7. Do you see any parallels between the conflicts and divisions in Omar’s time (as presented in this film) and those of the present day? Discuss. 8. Consider the effect and significance of poetry for the characters in the film; are there any poems (or are there any particular poets) that have any similar effects upon you? Discuss. 9. How do the two plots of this film — the ancient one and the modern one — complement each other? How does each one throw light on the other? Which did you find more interesting? Discuss

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