Written Coursework
Released: Week 1
Submission: Jan 7th 2018, word document or pdf submitted via Moodle
A draft or outline can be submitted in week 7 that will get feedback in week 9.
Case Study
You are to imagine you are a consultant hired by an organisation that you are familiar with to
change/improve part of the organisation. This could be a department or business process or service or
product or system. The change could be to implement or upgrade IT systems, or to improve/enhance
services or processes. The choice of organisation and the scope of the area of change are yours. You
are to write a report discussing the change, the issues and challenges, and your proposals for dealing
with them.
This assignment is not about IT per se, but about the impact that change has on an organisation,
the changes to how work is performed, the changes to jobs/responsibilities of the staff affected
and how you, as the consultant, will manage the change process. No marks will be awarded for
descriptions/explanations of technology or IT systems.
Your report should cover:
1. A brief description of the organisation and the area of change. (10 marks)
2. The organisational and local drivers for change, the desired benefits and how they could be
measured. (15 marks)
3. An overview of your proposed change(s), discussing how organisational processes and
jobs/responsibilities will be affected, and justifying how the desired benefits will be achieved
by the change. (25 marks)
4. The risks and challenges from an organisational change perspective and proposals for how
you would overcome or mitigate against them. (25 marks)
5. An explanation of the proposed change process, justified with reference to the risks and
challenges. (25 marks)
N.B. In assessing sections 2 to 5 credit will be given for discussion of the specifics of the case
study situation and context, and discussion with respect to relevant theory taught on the course
or relevant material from your own researches. Concrete examples drawn from the organisation
should be used to illustrate and support points and arguments.
The report should be no more than 10 pages excluding any diagrams, and submitted in doc or pdf
format. Submissions will be checked for plagiarism and students are required to write in a style that is
clear, comprehensible and logical. Marks will be deducted if the report is poorly laid out or if the
language used is difficult to comprehend.
The marking scheme for the assignment is as follows:-
70% and above: as for the (60–69%) below plus:
• shows clear evidence of wide and relevant reading and an engagement with the conceptual
• develops a sophisticated and intelligent argument
• shows a rigorous use and a sophisticated understanding of relevant source materials, balancing
appropriately between factual detail and key theoretical issues. Materials are evaluated
directly and their assumptions and arguments challenged and/or appraised
• shows original thinking and a willingness to take risks
60–69%: as for the (50–59%) below plus:
• shows strong evidence of critical insight and critical thinking
• shows a detailed understanding of the major factual and/or theoretical issues and directly
engages with the relevant literature on the topic
• develops a focussed and clear argument and articulates clearly and convincingly a sustained
train of logical thought
• shows clear evidence of planning and appropriate choice of sources and methodology
50–59%: (50% = pass mark)
• shows a reasonable understanding of the major factual and/or theoretical issues involved
• shows evidence of planning and selection from appropriate sources,
• demonstrates some knowledge of the literature
• the text shows, in places, examples of a clear train of thought or argument
• the text is introduced and concludes appropriately
45–49%: Marginal Failure
• shows some awareness and understanding of the factual or theoretical issues, but with little
• misunderstandings are evident
• shows some evidence of planning, although irrelevant/unrelated material or arguments are
0–44%: Clear Failure
• fails to answer the question or to develop an argument that relates to the question set
• does not engage with the relevant literature or demonstrate a knowledge of the key issues
• contains clear conceptual or factual errors or misunderstandings


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